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[Gta4] [Veh] Mercedes-Benz Gl450

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#1 Mave Keiby

Mave Keiby


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Posté 19 May 2010 - 06:24 AM

The_Ripper, AM Team & Keiby Team
proudly presents

Image IPB

ScratchMade by...........the_Ripper & Baikal
Converted to GTA SA by...the_Ripper
Converted to GTA IV by...Crime
Release date.............17.05.2010

Distribution Rulez:

1) Strictly forbidden to place mod named MERCEDES-BENZ GL450 on all internet resources, except, and within 14 days after release.

2) After 14 days after release date you can place our mod MERCEDES-BENZ GL450 into your website strictly with direct link to our team website (AM Team) -

3) If you placing our mod MERCEDES-BENZ GL450 on your own sites is prohibited to remove or modify the files contained in the archive.

4) Using the our 3D model and/or the its parts, details contained in the files, without the author's permission are prohibited.

Welcome and download!

© 2003-2010 Keiby Team
© 2009-2010 AM Team
Mave Keiby

Posted Image
Partnership with Keiby Team

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